Practices Of Hatha Yoga – Technique 6: Ida and Pingala Shuddhi

These two practices are very similar to anuloma viloma; in fact, they supplement one another.

Ida shuddhi (purification of ida nadi) is a simple method of increasing the flow of breath through the left nostril. The method is as follows: Sit in a comfortable pose. Close the eyes. Imagine and feel the breath flowing in and out through the left nostril. Synchronize the mantra Aum with both inhalation and exhalation. Continue for about 5 minutes; or if you wish you can count the number of breaths from 108 down to 0.

Pingala shuddhi (purification of pingala nadi) increases the breath flow through the right nostril. All details are the same as given for ida shuddhi, except one must imagine that the breath is flowing through the right nostril instead of the left nostril.

Both of these techniques can be used to increase the breath flow in one nostril in order to induce balance. Ideally, these two practices are done one after another prior to practising anuloma viloma, in order to increase sensitivity to the breath flows through the nostrils.

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