Prana Ahuti (Infusing The Divine Prana) | Sitting position & Technique

Sit in the same pose as the previous practice; that is, kriya number 15, sushumna darshana.

Try not to move your body at all unless pain or discomfort is unbearable. Any comfortable sitting asana is suitable, but padmasana, siddhasana and siddha yoni asana are preferred.


Remain sitting comfortably.

Keep the eyes closed.

Let the breathing be normal.

Imagine that there is a divine hand on your head.

Feel the soft touch.

Feel that the hand is infusing subtle prana into your body and mind.

The prana is cascading down the spine.

At first you may need to utilize some imagination, but with practice you will actually feel a powerful energy current flowing downwards.

The energy is difficult to describe, but it may be experienced as a wave of cold or heat, as an electric current, a stream of liquid, or a tickling sensation.

You may begin to shake and shudder slightly, but don’t worry.

Eventually you will feel the prana penetrate the mooladhara chakra.

This is the end of the practice.

Immediately proceed to the next practice – utthan.


Normal breathing throughout the practice.


Be aware only of the prana infusing the body and flowing down the spine.


You should practise until you feel the prana that enters the top of the spine pierce the mooladhara. If you are very sensitive to this current then the practice may take only 1 minute. If you are less sensitive then you may have to spend a little longer. But do not spend more than 3 minutes on the practice, whether you feel the prana current piercing the spine and mooladhara or not. Pass on to the next kriya.

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