Purpose of kriya yoga

The purpose of kriya yoga is to transform your whole life into a continuous expression of joy, bliss and wisdom. It is designed to transform tamas into sattwa. It is intended to refine your whole being. We can say that kriya yoga brings about the following changes:

  1. Slowly whittles away fears, phobias, conflicts, depressions, false ideas, conditioning, etc. hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind. Kriya yoga harmonizes the whole mind from the surface layers to the depths.
  2. Induces twenty-four hours a day relaxation; not a lazy relaxation, but dynamic relaxation where one can spontaneously do much more work than at present and with much more power and effectiveness.
  3. Allows one to explore and know the mind and go beyond.
  4. Induces dhyana and intensifies spontaneous awareness.

These changes, brought about progressively, will transmute one’s body-mind into a perfect instrument of action and wisdom.

The channelling of energy

Kriya yoga is a method, a very sophisticated method, of harmonizing and synchronizing the natural forces and energies of one’s being. The prominent aspects of one’s personality are channelled so that they flow in positive directions without suppression. Whether you are predominantly emotional, intellectual, peaceful, aggressive or whatever, the energies can be channelled into positive directions.

The physical, psychic and mental forces are brought into line with each other so that they flow together in a constant, powerful stream making one very sensitive to the deeper aspects of one’s inner nature. One starts to vibrate, to resonate with underlying forces, which leads to a subtle perception, unknown before.

Take an analogy. Floods arise naturally in certain seasons of the year. The flood water tends to flow along the easiest channel and direction available. The innate energy of the water eventually takes it to the sea. If ducts, dams, canals and so forth are built, together with turbo-electrical machinery, then the same energy can be utilized for constructive purposes. Electrical energy can be generated; fields can be irrigated. There is no change in the amount of energy available – it is merely transformed by a suitable method into a new, more refined form.

Kriya yoga brings about the same change within the human framework. Kriya yoga merely utilizes, refines and channels the already existing energy for the awakening of one’s being. Nothing new is produced, rather that which is already there is allowed to blossom and unfold.

Kriya yoga is a method of transmutation. It is a method of alchemy. It is the philosopher’s stone, or at least one of them. It transmutes base metal into gold – the gross, unrefined state of individual being is transmuted into its pure, radiant and natural state.

While doing kriya yoga, the aspirant becomes a mandala (psychic magnet) .. . a focus for more subtle energies. His whole being becomes a magnifying glass. And this mandala leads to the central core of his inner world.

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