Shabda Sanchalana (Rotation Of Word Consciousness) | Subsidiary practices | Technique


You should practise ujjayi pranayama, khechari mudra and unmani mudra during shabda sanchalana. These were also utilized in pawan sanchalana.


You should practise shabda sanchalana directly after finishing pawan sanchalana.

Sit comfortably. Hold the back straight.

Open your eyes.

Do khechari mudra; this should continue throughout the whole practice.

Exhale deeply.

Bend your head forwards.

Become aware of the mooladhara chakra.

The first round starts here.

With ujjayi pranayama, breathe in and up the arohan passage.

Hear the sound So and feel it piercing each kshetram in turn.

When your awareness travels between the vishuddhi kshetram and bindu slowly raise your head.

Your head should be upright when your awareness reaches bindu.

The So mantra and inhalation should end when your awareness reaches bindu.

Be aware of the bindu for a few seconds.

Then breathe out with ujjayi down the awarohan passage in the spine.

Start with unmani mudra.

Hear the mantra Ham and feel it piercing the chakras in turn.

No mental repetition of the chakra names . . . only awareness.

Your exhalation and the Ham mantra should finish when your awareness reaches mooladhara.

Bend your head forwards.

Open your eyes again.

Maintain awareness of the mooladhara for a few seconds.

This is the end of the first round.

The process is shown in the accompanying picture.

Now start the second round.

With ujjayi inhale up the arohan with awareness of the sound So and the kshetram.

Do 59 rounds.

Then proceed to maha mudra.


Ujjayi throughout. Hold the breath for a few seconds at mooladhara. Inhale while ascending the arohan passage. Hold the breath for a few seconds with awareness at bindu. Exhale while descending the awarohan passage.

Mental turmoil

If your mind is disturbed let the Soham be quite loud and the breathing faster.

If the mind is relaxed and reasonably one-pointed then let the Soham sound be more subtle and the breathing slower.


Maintain awareness of the mantra Soham, breathing and the psychic passages.


Shabda sanchalana should be done directly after pawan sanchalana2 and before maha mudra.


You should practise 59 rounds. This will take between 25 and 40 minutes depending on the speed of respiration.

Counting of rounds

In our description of pawan sanchalana we advised you to use a 108 bead mala and tie a knot after the forty-ninth bead. For this practice there is no need to tie another knot. After completing pawan sanchalana your fingers will be at the forty-ninth bead. Merely continue the process of rotating one bead at the end of each round of shabda sanchalana (when your awareness reaches mooladhara). When your fingers reach the sumeru bead then you will have completed 59 rounds (49+59=108).

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