Shakti Chalini (Conduction Of Prana) | Breathing

Ujjayi breathing throughout the practice. Hold the breath while repeating the ‘mooladhara’ mantra. Inhale while ascending the arohan passage. Hold the breath while visualizing the movement of the internal snake. Exhale while descending the awarohan passage.


When this kriya is mastered then 5 rounds should be the equivalent of 5 complete respirations. In the beginning, however, this is not easy. We suggest that you follow the instructions that we have listed under this heading in the description of the previous kriya, naumukhi mudra.


Be aware of the breathing, the centres in the arohan and awarohan, the ‘mooladhara’ mantra, the physical movement of the head, the raising and lowering of the hands and the visualization of the psychic snake.


If you practise shakti chalini alone, then you may find it difficult to visualize the snake. If, however, you first of all practise the preceding ten kriyas you will find that visualization is much easier. The snake seems to appear naturally. If you cannot visualize the snake, don’t worry – with time and practice you will.

Number of rounds

Do 5 rounds. This takes approximately 5 minutes according to your capacity to retain the breath and control exhalation and inhalation.

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