Sirshasana (Headstand Pose) – Benefits – Part 1

The benefits obtainable from regular practise of sirshasana are extensive. The following is merely a summary.

Perfect health of the brain cells allows the orain and in turn the physical body to function efficiently and to full capacity. The thought processes are allowed to manifest more vividly. Sirshasana directs an enriched oxygenated supply of blood to the brain cells. This blood flow is at a slightly increased pressure due to action of gravity. Blood vessels are very elastic and can dilate or constrict according to the prevailing blood pressure. Therefore, the higher blood pressure in the brain dilates the blood vessels and opens out those that have become closed or blocked. This means that the entire brain and all the billions of cells receive more nourishment. Consequently all the cells are rejuvenated and thereby work more effectively. The extra flow of blood under a slightly elevated pressure also flushes out accumulated toxins and general waste material from the brain cells. This is analogous to cleaning accumulated dirt in a blocked pipe by using a strong flow of water, it may take only a few minutes to clean a pipe in this manner, and the improvement in the normal flow through the pipe is great. It is similar with the brain; though sirshasana may be done only for a few minutes every day, it can rejuvenate and revitalize the entire brain. In turn, the whole body health can be greatly improved.

Such ailments as headache and migraine are believed to be partly caused by compression of certain blood vessels in the brain. Sirshasana helps to relax and strengthen these vessels and thereby prevent the occurrence of these ailments. Note, however, that sirshasana should not be done during the actual time of headache or migraine. These ailments are also associated with mental tension, so sirshasana helps to prevent these ailments by inducing calmness.

The increased blood flow to the brain revitalizes all the nervous centres and the controller of the endocrinal system, the pituitary. In this way, sirshasana helps to rectify various types of glandular and nervous disorders. It can have a significant and positive influence in relieving diabetes. As we have already pointed out, the probable root cause of diabetes is the pituitary gland. The symptom of the disease manifests in malfunctioning of the pancreas. It is believed that with sufferers of diabetes, the pituitary secretes too much diabetogenic hormone. Medically, it is very difficult to interfere with the functioning of the pituitary gland, and so modern medicine is forced to treat diabetes with insulin. Sirshasana, however, acts directly on the pituitary gland by improving the blood supply and this has been found to be a great help in combating diabetes. This is especially true if sirshasana is supplemented with other relaxation practices of yoga which reduce the tension level that interferes with the normal working of the pituitary. So if you are a diabetic, and there are no further serious ailments, then we suggest you start practising sirshasana as well as other yogic techniques.

Sirshasana has also been found to be a great help in combating sexual disorders such as prostate problems, hydrocele, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea and all general menopausal and menstrual ailments. If you refer to the previous discussion on the endocrinal system, you will appreciate how all the complex sexual functions are controlled by the pituitary gland4. Sirshasana helps to relieve sexual disorders in a number of ways.

  • It improves the efficiency of the pituitary and the hypothalamus (the brain centre that in turn controls the pituitary gland).
  • It dr ains blood from the associated sexual endocrinal glands (ovaries or testes) and the associated sexual organs; this also improves their functional efficiency.
  • Sirshasana combined with relaxation or meditative techniques of yoga helps to calm the mind. Anxiety is the greatest factor in causing sexual disorders. Calmness of mind automatically leads to perfect health of the sexual functions.

If you suffer from any sexual problems then we suggest you start practising sirshasana along with other yogic practices.

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