Swadhisthana Chakra – Chakra Kshetram

In kriya yoga practices the trigger points of all the main chakras are utilized. These trigger points ascend from mooladhara to ajna chakra, following the contours of the spine between the swadhisthana and ajna chakras. The swadhisthana, manipura, anahata and vishuddhi chakras are also regarded as having physical counterparts on the front surface of the body. They lie directly in front of the corresponding chakras and on the same horizontal plane. Each of these frontal trigger points is called chakra kshetram. They can be regarded as reflections of the original chakra trigger points. The reflection of the swadhisthana chakra is called the swadhisthana kshetram. The same applies to the other three chakras – manipura, anahata and vishuddhi.

These frontal centres or kshetrams are essential in kriya yoga techniques. It is necessary to be able to locate them. Therefore, in this topic and in the next three lessons we will outline practices that increase sensitivity to both the chakra trigger points and the corresponding kshetrams.


The physical trigger point of the swadhisthana chakra is at the base of the spine, at the coccyx (the tailbone). If you place your hand on the bottom of the spine, you will feel a small bulb at the lowest point just above the anus. This is the coccyx bone and the region of the physical trigger point of the swadhisthana chakra.

The physical location of the swadhisthana kshetram is at the level of the pubic bone in front of the body. It is just above the sexual organ directly in front of the coccyx bone.

It can be regarded as being on the skin surface.

Differentiation between mooladhara and swadhisthana

It is important to be able to discern the difference between the physical location of the mooladhara chakra and both the swadhisthana chakra and kshetram. You should know the difference in position both ‘anatomically and you should also be able to feel the difference with the eyes closed. As such, we suggest that you first of all spend some time locating the mooladhara chakra’, then attempt the simple practice that we will shortly describe to locate the swadhisthana chakra and kshetram. This will enable you to more clearly discern and distinguish the different locations.

Remember, the mooladhara chakra is located in the perineum between the legs. It is roughly midway between the swadhisthana chakra and the swadhisthana kshetram, but a little lower. At first it may be difficult to feel and differentiate between these positions, but with practice it will gradually become easy.

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