The Granthis – The Chakras (Part 2)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the chakras are only awakened by a few specific forms of yoga. All paths of yoga are concerned with flowering the potential of the chakras; some more directly than others. The more direct approach is the method of kundalini, kriya and laya yoga. With karma, bhakti, jnana yoga, etc. the approach is indirect; no specific mention is made of the chakras in these systems. This does not mean that the chakras don’t open, but that the chakras open as a consequence of higher levels of awareness. The chakras are opened so smoothly that they are not really felt as such. With the direct approach, the chakras are opened in order to induce a corresponding state of awareness. In the indirect approach, the chakras open as a consequence, a by-product of higher awareness. One method goes through the front door and the other goes through the back door in order to reach the same inner chamber of being.

Every religion, every mind awakening system. every spiritual system is concerned with unfolding the hidden potential of the chakras.

They are all concerned with releasing the latent faculties and knowledge of the mind, and awakening of the mind implies the same thing as awakening of the chakras. The opening of the chakras means that layer upon layer of the mind is opened up … the closed book starts to reveal its inherent knowledge.

The granthis

The Sanskrit word granthi means ‘knot’. In the context of the chakras, the word granthi is translated as ‘psychic knot’. They are three in number, called the brahma, vishnu and rudra granthis. They represent levels of awareness chakra domains) where the power of maya illusion), ignorance and attachment to material things is especially strong.

  1. Brahma granthi. This psychic knot functions in the region of the mooladhara chakra. It implies attachment to physical pleasures and material objects, and excessive selfishness. It also implies the ensnaring power of tamas negativity, lethargy- and ignorance.
  2. Vishnu granthi. This psychic knot operates at the region of the anahata chakra. It is associated with attachment to things and people in an emotional sense. It is associated with attachment to inner psvchic visions and so forth. It is connected with rajas, the tendency to passion and intense activities.
  3. Rudra granthi functions in the region of the ajna chakra. It is associated with attachment to psychic powers such as telepathy, clairaudience and other mind phenomena. This psychic knot implies attachment to individuality. One must leave the sense of individual ego behind for further ascent, in the same way that a butterfly leaves the chrysalis behind in order to fly away to freedom. One must give up duality at the region of the rudra granthi.


All these psychic knots are obstacles or blocks on the route to sahasrara. They have to be progressively pierced or transcended in order for the kundalini power to rise through the chakras.

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