The path of ida

This is the path of mental unfoldment, when one becomes aware of the inner potential of the mind. If one is totally concerned with this path, then there is a tendency to unleash mental (psychic) powers, which are often used for selfish ends.

Many of the scriptures clearly state that concern only with this path of ida can eventually lead to a block on the spiritual path, and can even lead to a downfall. Many occult schools, operating without a competent gum, follow this path. They develop psychic powers amid an atmosphere of selfishness. Inner awareness is developed, but there is always a limit. Many people who are concerned only with this path develop neuroses and psychoses because they confront their inner seed problems (samskaras) too quickly and too suddenly. They don’t allow the samskaras to be exhausted through interaction with the outer world through work etc. This is also generally the case with drugs. They open up inner psychic awareness too quickly and can cause many (though not all) people to be suddenly overwhelmed by their inner complexes, phobias, etc. There is also a tendency for many drug users to become concerned only with personal experiences and pleasure. This is the path of ida. This one-sided development eventually becomes an obstacle to further unfolding of one’s potential on the spiritual path. Drugs used under the guidance of a competent master are something totally different. In this case, the master will take care to guide his disciple along both the ida and pingala paths, so leading to spiritual awakening.

Hitler, and other black magicians, and in fact numerous people throughout the world were on this path of ida and many are now treading it. They unlock psychic powers for selfish reasons, using these powers to harm others. This is called black magic. Any person who misuses these powers pays the penalty; they reap their own punishment – eventual loss of their powers.

We should point out that knowledge of the inner world is part of the spiritual path, an essential part. But over concern with exploring the inner world to the exclusion of all else can be a block. It can lead to a certain stage after which there will be no progress. One will either find that one’s efforts to explore the mind will lead to states of unconsciousness (laya) or one will be tempted to misapply one’s knowledge, depending on the individual and the degree of success in exploring the mind. We urge you not to tread this ida path to the exclusion of all else. Balance it with pingala, the path of external expression. It is only in this way that you can work out and remove your problems and selfish motives and attitudes towards others. It is only in this manner that you can gradually develop understanding, love and positive relationships with other people and the world in general.

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