Topic 1 | Kriya Yoga (Part 1)

Kriya yoga is a system that has always been taught directly by guru to disciple. We are actually breaking this tradition by publishing the techniques of kriya yoga in written form. However, we feel that this break with tradition is justified and even necessary in the present world, where so many people are trying to understand themselves, the world and their place in the scheme of life, yet lack positive guidance. Many people are ready for an advanced system of yoga, yet lack a guru to teach them. For this reason and for these people, we are printing comprehensive details of the techniques of kriya yoga.

Little needs to be said about kriya yoga; the practices speak for themselves. Throughout the third book we will purposely write as little as possible. We will intentionally try to confine our explanations to the mechanics of each kriya (technique). The less we write, the happier we will be. This will allow you, the practitioner, to do your practices with an uncluttered mind, reasonably free of preconceptions and misconceptions.

The following text is an introduction to kriya yoga. Read it carefully. This text will act as your teacher. Many questions will arise throughout your practices. In the past, these problems were solved by the guru while giving personal instructions to his disciples. Any faults were corrected on the spot. In the following lessons you will not be guided personally, therefore you must take care to follow the instructions that we give exactly. We suggest that you re-read this text from time to time so that you can correct any faults in your practice that were not previously very obvious.

Right attitude is an essential part of kriya yoga; it leads to full blossoming of the potential contained within the kriya yoga practices. A wrong attitude stunts and prevents this blossoming. If you plant a seed in rich soil it will quickly grow and give forth a beautiful flower and fragrance. If the seed is planted in the wrong soil or in the wrong place, it will fail to sprout. The potential within the seed is the same in both cases; it is the environment that encourages or prevents growth and expression of inner potential. It is similar with kriya yoga; a positive environment of right attitude allows the practices to give forth their fruit; an incorrect attitude prevents this. The potential of the kriyas is ever the same, therefore you should tiy to adopt the basic attitudes of non-expectation, effortlessness, etc. that we have described in the following pages.

Problems and doubts will arise both in your practices and as a consequence of the practices. If necessary you can write to the ashram for advice. Each person will have their own specific questions, uncertainties and difficulties.

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