Topic 1 | Kriya Yoga: Practice | Kriya 4: Pawan Sanchalana (Rotation Of Breath Consciousness)

The Sanskrit word pawan means ‘breath’; sanchalana means ‘rotation’ or ‘conduction’. Therefore, this kriya can be called ‘the rotation (or conduction) of breath consciousness’. It comes immediately after nada sanchalana.

Sitting position

Traditionally one should sit in either padmasana or siddhasana (siddha yoni asana for females). These postures keep the back straight yet relaxed for long periods-.

If you cannot sit comfortably in any of these above asanas, then sit in any comfortable position. Be sure to keep your spine erect throughout the practice.

Hands can be placed on your lap or on your knees, as you wish. If you wish you can do jnana, chin or chinmaya mudra.

Psychic passage awareness and mental repetition

As in kriya number 3 you will be required to rotate your awareness through the arohan and awarohan psychic pathways. You should mentally repeat the name of each chakra and kshetram in turn as your awareness passes through them. The process is as follows: When your awareness reaches mooladhara you should mentally repeat three times: ‘mooladhara … mooladhara . .. mooladhara’.

Then mentally say the word ‘arohan’, immediately before ascending the arohan psychic passage.

Ascend the arohan passage as you breathe in. Feel each kshetram in turn and mentally repeat their names once: ‘swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, ajna’. Then when your awareness reaches bindu you should mentally repeat three times: ‘bindu . . . bindu . . . bindu’.

Say the word ‘awarohan’ once immediately before descending the awarohan passage. Descend the awarohan as you exhale. Feel each chakra in turn and mentally repeat their names once: ‘ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana’. Then the process is repeated with mental repetition of the word mooladhara three times.

Subsidiary practices

To do pawan sanchalana you should be familiar with the following basic techniques:

  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Unmani mudra
  • Khechari mudra

Ujjayi and unmani mudra are an integral part of nada sanchalana, so you should be able to do them. Khechari mudra is introduced here into the kriya yoga practices for the first time. It is very simple and will be an integral technique in many of the forthcoming kriyas.

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