Topic 1 | Meditation: Antar Mouna (Stage 6)

We have described five stages of antar mouna over the last five lessons, if you have reached stage 5: inducing thoughtlessness, then you should begin to practise stage 6: the use of a psychic symbol. This will act as a focal point for your awareness and will induce one-pointedness of mind. Without this symbol you will not progress further in antar mouna; instead you will experience some calmness and a good sleep. You will not be able to contact deeper levels of your being.

A full explanation of the psychic symbol and its implications is given in this lesson.

Antar Mouna – Stage 6 Psychic Symbol Awareness

Many people attempt concentration prematurely. Because of this they have little or no success in their practices. First of all the mind must be harmonized to a reasonable, level. Then one must induce pratyahara (sense dissociation). Both of these are induced through regular practise of antar mouna stages 1-5 over a period of time. When you have attained the thoughtless state of stage 5 then the mind has to be moulded so that it patterns itself into the form of a symbol. That is stage 6 – dharana (concentration on an inner psychic symbol).


Very little explanation is needed, only regular practise and perseverance.

Practise stage 5 to induce thoughtlessness.

Then create an inner image of your psychic symbol.

Fix all your attention on the symbol.

If it fades away, bring it back.

There should be constant awareness of your psychic symbol.

Try not to get side-tracked by psychic scenery; if these images are strong let them arise but while maintaining awareness of the symbol.

If the images are not overwhelming, crush them and fix all your attention on the symbol.

You should be resolute, do not develop interest in any experiences that arise … only awareness of your psychic symbol.

Do not sleep.

If you can maintain a constant stream of awareness towards the symbol, then you will glide into the state of. . . dhyana.

Sleep awareness

It is possible for very advanced sadhakas to maintain a state of sleepless sleep. That is, though sleeping, they maintain complete awareness of their dreams. It is done by utilizing a psychic symbol that has become such a natural part of one’s psyche that perception of it can be maintained even during sleep.

The onset of sleep is like descending into a deep well with a rope. One slips and falls into the well . . . one loses awareness and becomes lost in deep sleep. The psychic symbol is a means of descending into sleep without falling into the depths of unconsciousness. If you cannot do this practice, don’t worry; it is difficult to maintain awareness in the sleep state.

Antar Mouna in summary

The six stages of antar mouna are as follows:

  1. Awareness of sense perceptions
  2. Awareness of spontaneous thought process
  3. Conscious creation of thoughts
  4. Awareness and disposal of spontaneous thoughts
  5. Thoughtlessness’
  6. Psychic symbol awareness

These lead to dharana and then dhyana.

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