Topic 2 | Hints for Kriya Yoga Practice

The following are suggestions that may help to improve your practice of kriya yoga:

Asanas: if you have time, try to include a few asanas before your kriya yoga practice. A good program is to do surya namaskara, shavasana, bhujangasana, ardha padma paschimottanasana and ardha matsyendrasana. These systematically loosen the whole body and can be done in less than twenty minutes. If necessary you can also practise the half butterfly6. If you do not have the time then it is not necessary to practise these asanas. Just make sure that you keep your body healthy by taking some exercise every day.

Aum chanting: chant Aum three times immediately before starting your kriya practices; that is, before vipareeta karani mudra.

Wash: if you feel drowsy during your practice then splash some cold water on your face. It is also a good idea to take a cold wash or bath before the practice.

Chankramanam: if you feel stiff and/or tired then it is well worth spending a few minutes doing chankramanam7. The kriyas are in a fixed sequence. If this sequence is broken and the mind allowed to wander, then you will lose the benefits. Chankramanam is a method of temporarily breaking the sequence, without losing awareness. Do chankramanam when and if you feel stiff.

If you do not feel discomfort then there is no need to stop your practice of kriya yoga; omit chankramanam. After practising chankramanam for a few minutes, return to your kriya practice and continue the practices where you left off.

Sequence: every time you practise kriya yoga you must start from the beginning. It is no good doing the first three kriyas one day, the next three kriyas on the following day etc. Also do not reduce the number of rounds in each kriya in order to complete more of the practices. Do as many complete kriyas as possible according to time available. It is better to do four kriyas fully than to practise, say, only five rounds of ten kriyas.

Talking: try to avoid talking and contact with other people immediately after completing your practice program. Practise mouna (no talking) for one hour8. In this way you will be able to watch the mind, feel the shanti (calmness) and the benefits will carry into the rest of the day.

Sensitivity: after intense practise you may find that you are very sensitive . . . sensitive to the emotional blasts, negativity, psychic explosions and feelings of others. Be careful not to get bowled over. Try to remain detached.

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