Topic 3 | Asana: Practice | Mukta Hasta Merudandasana (Rocking Horse Pose)

Here we will describe the following asanas:

1. Mukta hasta merudandasana

2. Merudandasana

3. Utthita hasta merudandasana

4. Niralamba paschimottanasana

These four asanas are very similar. They are forward bending asanas that require balance. You do not need to do all of them regularly. Try them, and then choose one that you like best.

Mukta Hasta Merudandasana (Rocking Horse Pose)

The English translation of this asana is ‘the rocking horse pose’ as it resembles a wooden rocking horse in the final pose. This pose is also known as ashwa sanchalanasana.


Sit on the floor with the back straight.

Fold the legs so that the knees are near the chest.

Bend your arms at the elbows.

Clench your fists and place them near or on the outside of the knees.

Breathe in deeply.

Lean backwards while simultaneously straightening and raising the arms and legs.

Keep the fists in contact on or near the knees.

The final pose is shown.

The whole body should be balanced on the buttocks.

Try to raise the legs as high as possible keeping them straight.

Hold your breath in the final position.

Stay in the final raised pose for as long as is comfortable.

Then lower and bend the legs into the starting position.

This is 1 round.

After a short rest do another round.

Other details

This is an excellent preparation for merudandasana, utthita hasta merudandasana and niralamba paschimottanasana. All other information is given in the ‘General Details’ at the end of this topic.

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