Topic 5 | Asanas: Practice | Gupta Padmasana (Hidden Lotus Pose)

There are a number of asanas that are performed in padmasana, some of which we have already described. The following are five more main asanas belonging to this group.

  1. Gupta padmasana
  2. Lolasana
  3. Parvatasana
  4. Garbhasana
  5. Kukkutasana

Needless to say, these asanas can only be practised by those people who can sit in padmasana.

Gupta Padmasana (Hidden Lotus Pose)

The word gupta means ‘hidden’. In English it is normally called ‘the hidden lotus pose’. It is so called because the feet are hidden under the body in the final pose.


Sit in padmasana.

Using your arms, raise the body so that it is supported on the two knees.

Then slowly lean forwards and rest the chest flat on the ground.

Place the two palms together behind the back.

Rest the chin or one cheek on the ground, whichever is most comfortable.

This is the final pose.

Close the eyes and relax the whole body.

Stay in the final pose for as long as is comfortable.

Breathing and awareness

Normal breathing in the final pose. Pay attention to the breathing and relaxation of the whole body in the final pose.


This asana further loosens up the legs, so that you will be able to sit in padmasana for longer periods of time. It helps to correct postural defects in the spine. With practice it can even be used as a relaxation asana.

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