Uddiyana Bandha – Position

The best position in which to do uddiyana bandha is any meditational asana such as padmasana, siddhasana or siddha yoni asana. The important thing is that the knees rest firmly on the ground so that the final lock can be maintained correctly. This is also the position necessary for practising kriya yoga. If you cannot sit in any of these positions then you can sit in vajrasana1. But if this is the case, tben we advise you to regularly practise leg loosening exercises so that you can eventually sit in any meditational asana. This is important for kriya yoga.

Uddiyana bandha can also be done in a standing position. This will be described at the end of this topic.

Preparatory practice

An excellent preparatory practice for developing uddiyana bandha is agnisar kriya. If you can do agnisar kriya without the slightest difficulty then you should have no difficulty doing uddiyana bandha.


Sit in any meditational asana with the knees flat on the ground.

Place the palms of the hands flat on the knees; this is important to allow the arms to apply pressure in the final pose.

Close the eyes.

Relax the whole body.

Exhale as deeply as possible by accentuated contraction of the abdominal muscles and the chest; the lungs should be emptied as much as is possible.

Hold the breath outside.

Do jalandhara bandha.

Then try to take a false inhalation.

That is, expand the chest as though you are breathing in, but without actually allowing air to enter the lungs.

This false inhalation will automatically raise the diaphragm and enable the abdomen to become concave in shape, being raised inwards and upwards.

Note: there is no need to contract the abdominal muscles; in fact they should remain passive at this stage.

In this position the palms are pressed firmly against the knees and the arms straightened.

This is the final position.

Stay in the final pose for a comfortable length of time while holding the breath out.

Then slowly relax the chest; that is, release the false inhalation; this will automatically allow the abdomen to reassume its normal shape.

Then release jalandhara bandha and bend the arms.

Inhale slowly.

This is 1 round.

Repeat the process when the breathing has returned to normal.

Don’t strain under any circumstances.

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