Variations | Pada Angushthasana (Tiptoe Pose)

There are many variations of pada hastasana.

The following are three.

Pada Angushthasana (Tiptoe Pose)

The Sanskrit word angushtha means, both ‘thumb’ and ‘big toe’; pada means ‘foot’. Therefore, this asana can also be called ‘the thumb to big toe pose’.

It can only be done by people with reasonably flexible spinal muscles. It is done in exactly the same way as pada hastasana. The only difference is the position of the hands.

  • Those people who can easily touch their toes but who cannot place their palms flat on the floor should hold their big toes with the thumb, index and middle fingers.
  • Those who can place their palms flat on the ground should place their hands under the front of the feet, palms facing upwards.

This is shown in the above figure. The fingers point towards the heels.

This is one method. An alternative method is to wrap the hands around the side of the feet so that the fingers point towards each other.

To do pada angushthasana you should do stages 1, 2 and 3 of pada hastasana, omitting stage 4. The benefits are basically the same as pada hastasana though the flexion of the back is greater.

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