Vastra Dhauti | Advice for beginners

You are not likely to master vastra dhauti on the first day. It may take a few days or even a few weeks before you are able to swallow the cloth. It is strange but true that the less you try the easier it becomes; the more you relax the more easily the cloth will go down the throat. If you forget that the cloth is a piece of cloth and merely swallow, then the cloth will automatically drop into the stomach. Do not hurry, take your time.

Practise for about ten minutes whether you can swallow the cloth or not. Practise every day. After a few days you will become accustomed to the cloth entering the throat. When your mind accepts the idea then it is a short step to mastering the technique.


• Do not leave the cloth in the stomach for more than fifteen to twenty minutes, otherwise it may start to enter the intestinal tract.

• Do not swallow the entire cloth. Leave about thirty centimetres hanging from the mouth.

Reuse of cloth

The same cloth can be used again and again. After the practice, thoroughly wash the cloth, dry it and then store it in a safe, clean place.

Time of practice

Practise when the stomach is empty. The best time is before breakfast.

After completing the practice wait for at least half an hour before eating breakfast. This period will ensure that sufficient mucus has been secreted to protect the linings of the stomach and esophagus.


Practise once a week for general health and cleaning of the digestive tract. Practise every day until you master the technique.

Supplementary practices

For the fullest benefits we suggest that you also do kunjal kriya and jala neti. These should be done after completing vastra dhauti. Vastra dhauti scrapes the impurities from the walls, while kunjal expels the impurities. Jala neti tones up the nasal system.


The cloth thoroughly scrubs the stomach walls It stimulates the digestive juices and the peristalsis It invigorates the entire body. If you refer to quotations that we have given under the heading ‘Scriptural References’ you will see that it is recommended for a wide number of ailments. From our experience we have found the practice useful in treating acidity, indigestion, bronchitis and asthma.

Alleviation of asthma

If you suffer from asthma you should do vastra dhauti every day as a preventive and curative measure. It is simple but effective. Many sufferers of asthma have gained much relief using this method.

Asthma is an ailment of the respiratory system – vastra dhauti acts directly on the digestive system. Possibly the swallowing of the cloth activates nerve reflexes in the digestive tract and brain. These in turn cause a chain reaction, which somehow brings about a relaxation of the congestion in the lungs. One thing we are certain about is that it works

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