Vipareeta Karani Mudra (Inverted Psychic Attitude) | Part4 | Technique

Assume the inverted pose of the body. Make the legs perfectly vertical. Close the eyes. Relax the body as much as possible. Practise ujjayi pranayama. Fix your awareness at the manipura chakra trigger point in the spine; this is the starting point of the first round. While inhaling try to feel the flow of prana moving from the manipura chakra to the vishuddhi chakra. You should imagine this prana moving through the spinal passage as a hot smooth stream of amrit (nectar). Let the nectar collect at vishuddhi chakra. Hold the breath for a few seconds and feel the nectar becoming cool at vishuddhi. Then exhale and feel the prana moving from vishuddhi through ajna and bindu in turn so that it eventually reaches sahasrara. You should feel that the prana is being injected through these trigger points by the force of the exhaled breath.

When the prana and awareness reach sahasrara, it is the end of 1 round. Immediately transfer your awareness back to manipura and repeat a second round. Do a total of 21 complete rounds. Then proceed to kriya number 2.

Breathing and psychic passages

You should practise ujjayi pranayama throughout the practice. Inhalation is done in the psychic passage connecting the manipura to the vishuddhi chakra trigger point via the centre of the spine. Retain the breath for a few seconds at vishuddhi. Exhalation is done in the psychic passage passing from vishuddhi via the spine to ajna, then directly back to bindu and then to sahasrara at the crown of the head. The breath should be synchronized with the flow of prana or amrit through the psychic passages. Breathing should be as slow and as comfortably as possible.


Awareness should be fixed on the prana as it passes through the psychic passages and on the trigger points as the prana passes through them. Each round should be mentally counted as your awareness reaches the sahasrara.


You should practise 21 rounds. Hie duration will depend on the speed of respiration. An average duration of the practice is about 10 minutes. In the beginning don’t practise the full 21 rounds. On the first clay of practice do 5 rounds only. Then increase by 1 round every day.

Over-intellectualization TIT not to involve yourself with the intellectual speculations of the practice. Merely do the practice itself and all answers will come in due time.

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