Vishuddhi Chakra

In the last four lessons we have described the following chakras:

1. mooladhara

2. swadhisthana

3. manipura

4. anahata

The first two are generally associated with the attributes of tamas. The third and fourth chakras are associated with the qualities of rajas. In this topic we will introduce the first of the sattwic chakras, the vishuddhi chakra. The word sattwa means purity, understanding, peace and other qualities that lead to and are an expression of both inner harmony and harmonious interactions with other people and the outside world in general.


Vishuddhi chakra is located in the throat region and comes immediately above the anahata chakra in the ascending order of the chakras.


The Sanskrit word vishuddhi means ‘purification’, therefore this chakra is usually translated as ‘the purification centre’. It is the centre that purifies and harmonizes all opposites. It is also called vishuddhikaya chakra which has the same meaning. This chakra is also widely called ‘the centre of nectar’ because it is the level of being where poison and nectar, good and bad, are united into a common experience of bliss.

Vishuddhi chakra is sometimes called the hharati sthana – the centre of speech, because of its location in the throat region. Bharati is the goddess of speech.

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