Vishuddhi – Location of chakra and kshetram

Like swadhisthana, manipura and anahata chakras, vishuddhi chakra also has a reflection on the front surface of the body called the vishuddhi kshetram. This is utilized in the practices of kriya yoga.

The positions of the chakra and kshetram are as follows:

Vishuddhi kshetram is located on the front surface of the throat in the region of the Adam’s apple and the thyroid gland.

Vishuddhi chakra is located in the spine directly behind the kshetram.

The kshetram can be easily located for it is pin-pointed by the bump or protrusion at the throat. The chakra is more difficult to locate. We suggest that you look in a mirror, place one finger on the Adam’s apple and use a finger of the other hand to locate the region of the spine that is directly behind the Adam’s apple. Eventually you should be able to feel the exact location with the eyes closed, but a little practice is required. This is the purpose of the following simple practice.

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