Yoga Nidra | Awakening Human Potential

Under the previous heading we discussed how yoga nidra can be used to enhance the absorption of external knowledge. The greatest storehouse of knowledge already exists within the realms of your own mind. It is merely waiting to be tapped. Yoga nidra is a powerful method of awakening this inner potential, the heritage of each and every human being.

Real education means to ‘withdraw from within’. It is awakening of inner potential that leads to creativity and deeper knowledge. Each person has the potential of a genius, but this potential is never realized. The reason is that there is a screen which keeps this potential hidden. This screen consists of mental blocks, excessive egoism and conditioning.

Remove this screen and all the inner knowledge will spontaneously show itself. Yoga nidra is one of the most direct methods of helping to remove this screen: it brings about self-actualization of inner potential.

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