Yoga Nidra – Part 1 | Posture

The physical posture in yoga nidra should be so comfortable that you forget the existence of the body so that it can be almost regarded as merely a ‘shell’ or ‘husk’ of the mind. A position should be chosen that can be maintained without movement for between 10 and 60 minutes. A wide selection of poses can be used for this purpose, but from our experience there is one that is easily the best – shavasana (the corpse pose).

Place a blanket on flat level ground.

Lie flat on your back.

A thin pillow can be placed under the back of the head if you wish, but it should not be too thick.

The head, arms and legs should lie in one line.

The palms should face upwards.

The eyes should be closed.

Relax the whole body when you have made all preparatory physical adjustments and when you have exhausted all need to move the body.

Yoga nidra can then start at this point.

Technique 1: preliminary practice

This practice includes preliminary relaxation of the body and mind, which has already been fully described in our previous discussion called ‘The Art and Science of Relaxation.

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