Yoga Nidra (Part 2) | Rules for using sankalpa

To successfully utilize the power of sankalpa in yoga nidra you should follow the rules below.

  • Clarity. The sankalpa should be stated in a short, simple, clear sentence form. The same words and the same sentence structure should be used until the sankalpa brings fruits. Use minimum words.
  • Repetition. The sankalpa should be repeated over and over again in your mind.

  • Sincerity and feeling. You should repeat the sankalpa with sincerity and feeling. You should say it from the heart, not merely from the mouth. Mere intellectual repetition will not allow the sankalpa to be impressed on the subconscious mind. The sankalpa can only be sown deeply in the mind with a strong emotional impetus. Lack of sincerity will also prevent implantation of the sankalpa; be sincere when you repeat your sankalpa.
  • Time. Your sankalpa should be repeated at the beginning and end of yoga nidra. It can also be practised before sleep and immediately after waking up in the morning. These are the best times since the mind is most receptive. The sankalpa, however, can also be repeated during any spare time in the day.
  • One sankalpa. Choose only one sankalpa and stick to it until it brings results. Do not change it.

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