Yoga Nidra – Part 2 | Technique 2 | Stages 1-4

For general details on body position, clothing, etc. please refer to the practice section in the first lesson on yoga nidra.

Technique 2

The practice is made up of the following stages:

  1. Starting pose and naukasana
  2. Preliminary physical relaxation
  3. Simple breath awareness
  4. Sankalpa
  5. Rotation of awareness
  6. Object visualization
  7. Sankalpa
  8. End

Stage 1: starting pose and naukasana

Please lie flat on your back in shavasana.

Let your arms rest on the floor beside the body.

First we practise naukasana (boat pose) to remove gross physical tensions.

Breathe in deeply.

Hold your breath and raise your arms, legs, head and shoulders off the ground.

Stretch and tense the whole body as much as possible.

Stay in this raised, tensed position for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath.

Then lower your body, breathe out and completely relax.

This is 1 round.

Do 3 rounds.

Then adjust your body so that you feel perfectly comfortable.

Adjust your clothing. Scratch yourself.

Adjust your head.

Make yourself so comfortable that you will feel no urge to move your body during the practice of yoga nidra.

Close your eyes and keep them closed throughout the practice.

Place your arms beside your body with the palms upwards.

Adjust your legs so that they are straight and slightly apart.

After this point don’t move your body.

From now onwards the practice is entirely mental.

Stage 2: preliminary physical relaxation

Be aware of your whole body.

If you are able, visualize your body.

Feel heaviness in your whole body.

Imagine that your whole body is very heavy.

It is like a heavy lump of rubber.

Feel heaviness in your right leg . . . Left leg . . . Right arm . . . Left arm . . .

Feel heaviness in your whole body.

Repeat this process 1 or 2 times.

Then proceed to stage 3.

Stage 3: simple breath awareness

Become aware of your natural breathing.

As you breathe in, know that you are breathing in.

As you breathe out, know that you are breathing out.

Be completely aware of the process of breathing . . . nothing else.

As you breathe in count 1.

As you breathe out count 2.

Continue in this manner until you reach a count of 50.

Then proceed to the next stage.

Stage 4: sankalpa

Please repeat your sankalpa with intensity and feeling.

If you have not chosen a sankalpa then proceed directly to the next stage.

Feel your whole body and mind vibrate with the mental repetition of the sankalpa.

Say the sankalpa at least 3 times, more if possible.

Say it from your heart, not from your mouth.

Then proceed to stage 5.

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