Yoga Nidra – Part 3 | Alternative Visualization

There is no end to the number and variety of stories that can be used for visualization. The example that we have just given is intended to induce tranquillity and elevated feelings. Other stories can be used to stir up negative emotions in the mind as a means to their removal. The following is an example:

Imagine that you are walking along a path in a deserted park.

It is late at night.

You are alone.

There is a full moon and bats are flying everywhere.

Be aware of the sounds of the night . . . eerie sounds. Eventually you come to a high wall in which there is a small hole.

Go through the hole.

Inside you discover a garden with ornate stone figures, many trees and a big lawn.

Explore the garden . . . Look into the dark spaces.

Eventually you come to an old well with plants and grass growing around the top.

Look inside the well.

It is very deep.

It seems to be a bottomless tunnel boring into complete darkness.

A spiral staircase twists around the walls.

Slowly and carefully start to walk down the stairs.

You seem to be drawn downwards against your will.

The walls are wet and smooth with occasional patches of moss.

Look upwards . . . see the circle of the moonlit night becoming smaller and smaller.

Hear the sound of small animals hidden in the walls . . . squeaks, scratching and rustling.

Now you are completely surrounded by darkness.

You have to grope with your hands for support as you go deeper.

Suddenly you see two large green eyes staring at you.

They suddenly close up.

You hear the flapping of wings and the hoot of an owl.

It brushes past your shoulder.

Then you see a dim light below . . . you slowly move towards this light.

You reach a tunnel.

Run along the illumined tunnel . . . until you suddenly come out on a golden beach . . . a golden beach beside an infinite sea of peace and bliss . . . experience this peace and bliss pervading your whole being.

This could be a little frightening for some people; for others it may release many suppressed feelings. The teacher must use discretion before utilizing it in yoga nidra.

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