Yoga Nidra – Part 3


You can practise yoga nidra for two hours or five minutes. It depends on the time that you have available and the nature of the specific practice. Sections should be added or subtracted from the practice instructions according to the duration required.

For a reasonably deep relaxation we suggest that the duration be at least half an hour. Practise for shorter durations will also bring relaxation and benefits, but at a lesser level.

Basic rules and preparations

To gain the most out of yoga nidra you should closely follow the rules and preparations. For details, please refer to the practice section of the first lesson.

Technique 3

The practice is comprised of the following stages:

  1. Preliminary physical relaxation
  2. Breath awareness
  3. Sankalpa
  4. Rotation of awareness with Aum
  5. Intensification of feeling
  6. Story visualization – with alternative
  7. Sankalpa

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