Yoga Nidra – Part 4 | Technique 6 | Stage 7

Stage 7: psychic centres visualization

Now you have to try to visualize the symbols of each chakra; this is not easy, but try.

If you wish you can use your own system of symbols; or the symbols that we have previously described (2-9).

Let us begin the practice.

As each chakra is named, try to feel that point is being lightly pressed by someone’s thumb, and try to visualize the symbol.

The psychic symbol for mooladhara is a red four-petalled lotus.

Inside there is a grey lingam around which is wrapped a snake three and a half times, head facing upwards.

Try to visualize this symbol to the best of your ability and associate it with the location in the body.

Then proceed to the swadhisthana chakra.

It is symbolized by a six-petalled vermilion lotus, within which is depicted a starry night above the sea; there is a crescent moon.

Try to visualize this symbol.

Feel that the lotus is growing at that centre.

Then move to the manipura chakra.

It is symbolized by a ten-petalled yellow lotus; in the centre there is a blazing sun.

Try to visualize the symbol, imagine that the lotus is actually growing from the manipura chakra.

Proceed to the anahata chakra which is represented by a twelve-petalled blue lotus, in the centre of which there is a bright flame.

Try to visualize the symbol while feeling the exact area in the body.

Move on to the vishuddhi chakra6 which is symbolized by a sixteen-petalled purple lotus; in the middle there is a pure white drop of nectar.

Visualize this picture at the vishuddhi chakra location.

Then proceed to the ajna chakra which is symbolized by a two-petalled silver lotus; on one petal is a full moon and on the other a glowing sun; in the centre is a black lingam and an Aum sign.

Try to create a mental image of this symbol.

Then move on to bindu symbolized by a white drop of nectar.

Visualize this symbol at the back of the head.

Then proceed to sahasrara, the fountainhead of all the chakras.

It is represented by an infinitely petalled lotus of all colours; in the centre is a white lingam.

Visualize this symbol at the crown of the head.

Then again visualize the symbols in the opposite order . . . sahasrara . . . bindu . . . ajna . . . vishuddhi . . . anahata … manipura … swadhisthana … and mooladhara.

This is the end of 1 round.

Spend a few seconds trying to visualize each centre.

Do a few more rounds according to time available.

Then proceed to the next stage.

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