Yoga Nidra – Part 4 | Technique 6 | Stages 8-10

Stage 8: eyebrow centre awareness

Fix your attention at the eyebrow centre.

Feel your blood pulse at that point.

It is a rhythmical beat that goes on continuously.

Be aware of it.

Synchronize the mantra Aum with the pulse beat.

The sound of the mantra is mental.

The pulse and Aum vibrate like the ticking of a clock.

Be aware of this process at the eyebrow centre.

Continue in this manner for a few minutes.

Then imagine that the Aum and pulse beat are expanding in all directions.

Your forehead is the centre from which Aum is emanating outwards in all directions.

Feel that your being and the whole universe is enveloped in Aum.

Everything is immersed in Aum.

Feel that your being is also expanding with the diffusion of Aum.

Imagine that the whole universe is enclosed in your own being.

Continue for a minute or so with this feeling.!

Then ask yourself: “Who am I? What is my real nature?”

Ask yourself with sincerity; you must really want to know the answer, but don’t believe anything without firsthand experience.

Reflect on the question for a minute or so.

Then proceed to stage 9.

Stage 9: sankalpa

Repeat your sankalpa over and over again for a minute.

Then end the practice.

Stage 10: end

Become aware of your breath and your whole body.

Become aware of outer sense perceptions.

Feel that you are lying on the floor: feel the places of physical contact.

Hear outside sounds.

Slowly move your body.

Stretch your muscles.

This is the end of yoga nidra.

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