Yoga Nidra – Part 4 | Technique 6

Points to remember

Bear the following points in mind when doing yoga nidra:

  • Relax, but don’t sleep.
  • Be aware; don’t concentrate.
  • Maintain the attitude of a witness – don’t get lost in the mental reverie.
  • Maintain awareness of the sound of the teacher’s voice; don’t lose contact.
  • Don’t move the body.
  • Keep your eyes closed throughout the practice.
  • Don’t try to intellectualize or understand the process of yoga nidra. Just follow and do the practice.

Technique 6

The following practice is made up of these ten stages:

  1. Preparation
  2. Sinking of the body
  3. Rhythmical breath awareness
  4. Sankalpa
  5. Visualization – body awareness
  6. Psychic centres – rotation of awareness
  7. Psychic centres – visualization
  8. Eyebrow centre awareness
  9. Sankalpa
  10. End

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